For this final post I decided to analyze the phenomenon of online dating and virtual dating.  With ads all over TV and the Internet about online dating and how quick and easy it is to find someone who we are supposedly compatible with, I decided to look into detail about things dealing with online dating.  Honestly, I could never date someone online or even meet someone online.  I just wouldn’t be able to trust who they really are and I’d rather be able to sit down and have a conversation with a real person rather than a computer, TV screen, or my phone.  But for some, they choose to use online dating sources and even virtual dating scenarios.  The link that I have included is from a website called OmniDate where it’s sort of like a video game where a user can pick a character, then find someone and invite them to a virtual date.  From this, they go on a virtual date and they are able to use instant messaging to talk to each other while the characters become animated.  Their slogan at the end of the video says, “Date Before You Meet”.  After seeing this, it kind of got me irritated to think that they are saying that you should date a person first virtually before actually meeting them in person.  To me this kind of doesn’t make any sense, because how are you supposed to date someone without actually meeting them and seeing who they are.  It just seems silly to think that the producers of this site are encouraging people to date and get the awkwardness out of dating by virtually dating first, but when people meet they don’t look or talk the same as how the virtual characters on the screen are interacting.  Therefore, I don’t see how that could take away the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first date.  I think an improvement to this would have to be where they could include a face to face video chat where they could see each other and then carry on with the virtual date.  The truth is that most people in today’s society are attracted to looks, and right off the bat they decide if they are interested or not based on how the other person looks.  If my idea of a video chat added to this virtual dating atmosphere were added, I think it would make this product or site a lot more beneficial because then people could actually see from the beginning if they wanted to continue with the virtual date or end it right there.

Virtual Dating




For this blog post I decided to talk about cyber bullying.  Bullying for me while growing up was a totally different experience for how things are now.  I’ve seen documentaries on how kids go to the extreme to even attempt suicide due to the excess of cyber bullying along with traditional bullying.  For me all throughout middle school and highschool, I’ve been victim of bullying but it was a different experience.  Bullying was more of a physical thing than how it is now with people threatening others via technology and over social networking sites.  With the evolution of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, haters have an easier time to access other people’s information and allows them to hate on more and more people.  This has become such a huge problem because kids now are becoming so involved in creating a virtual profile to show the digital world.  But when someone comes in and hates on their digital profile or whatever they say or put up on the site, things go crazy.  For me personally since I do have a Facebook, and if someone were to hate on me or whatever I could care less.  I grew up with people physically bullying me and my retaliation would be to fight back physically.  That was my outlet, but now with technology, people who are victims in the worst case scenario are turning to suicides and taking this type of bullying upon themselves.  This is very hard to see because children younger and younger are becoming exposed to technology and social networking sites at a young age, which then exposes them to the possibility of cyber bullying earlier in life.  The article that I have included is about cyber bullying statistics and what I found particularly interesting was that cyber bullying is not only about social networking; text message harassment is also included in this category.

Cyber Bullying


One thing that stood out to me the most after watching shows on TV like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and The Voice, just to name a few, was that it was interesting how viewers are able to vote for their favorites via text messaging and online voting.  Also what I noticed while watching some of these shows was that on the LIVE screen, they have tweets with hash tags displayed on the screen right after a performer or whatever is on TV has finished their performance.  It’s really interesting to see how even TV shows are advocating people to become more and more technologically involved and also to become networked with the rest of the online society.  I think that this is a good business model for shows to incorporate Twitter and online voting because for them, they are able to access more people who might not be able to see a live performance or may have been busy doing something else while the live performances are occurring.  With more people being connected to these shows in some way or another, show producers are able to bring in bigger audiences which ultimately brings more profit. The link I have included is directory for American Idol on how to vote online or via text messaging.

American Idol online voting and text message voting


So with the whole hype of the apocalypse and the end of the Mayan calendar, people have become much more conscious about what can and could happen to our world and society.  This apocalyptic hype has even struck video game producers to make video games showcasing this type of zombie apocalypse and try to accomplish how life would be like for the few survivors in a world taken over by zombies.  I’m far behind with the video gaming times and I’ve actually only played the game a few times, partially because I don’t really like video games.  Anyway, after playing the game, it really made me think of how producers are able to take what is currently going around within our society and using it to enhance a product such as the game Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies.  Video game producers use this hype or even fear to some extent to advocate their product.  I personally think that for producers to make a video game according to the hype going around in society was a smart move because it allows people to virtually experience what could happen.  It engages people to play this game to see how things could possibly be if the world were to sink into a zombie apocalypse.  The article I have included is an article explaining the game.  One thing that really stood out to me in the article was that although it is a virtual video game, it really made me feel like I was in this zombie world under attack by zombies with only a few friends by my side.  This I think the producers were able to really capture the player and throw them into this virtual world according the hype that society has created.

Call of Duty Zombies


This post may be a little behind in the times but I would like to talk about how Facebook bought out Instagram for $1 Billion dollars.  Facebook in itself is such a huge part of most people’s lives in society and for Facebook to now include Instagram is huge.  For those who don’t know of Instagram, Instagram is an app that allows any user to take amateur photos of pretty much anything and use some sort of filter to make it seem professional or artsy in some way or another.  As an Instagram user myslef, I find that there is a rewarding aspect about taking pictures and adding some kind of effect to the picture to enhance it.  As far as Facebook is concerned, uploading photos and adding them to the users page  has become such a huge aspect of the joy of Facebook.  Many people love to upload, share, and tag others in their pictures to share a part of themselves via Facebook by the means of media and pictures.  I think that it was actually a pretty smart move for Facebook to buy out Instagram because Instagram is basically making the photo taking experience of Facebook much more enjoyable for most or not for some.  The link I have included is a news article of Facebook buying out Instagram for $1 Billion dollars.

Facebook buys out Instagram


So a few days ago my neighborhood experienced a short power outage in the middle of the day.  This was probably because electricians were fixing something a few blocks over.  It lasted for only about 10mins before the power was restored and everything was back and running.  During that 10min period where I had no electricity, it really made me think of how far technology has come to where it is now.  When the power went out, I pretty much only had my laptop and cell phone that I could use except with no wifi.  Basically I couldn’t really do anything except for go outside in the sun and just relax without worrying about all this kind of technology and news/facebook updates on my phone.  It was really nice to just get away for a while, but then I realized that without technology and the progression that it has made so far, we wouldn’t really get far in life.  We’d be all probably be sitting around doing nothing with ourselves.  This is not to say that technology is always a good thing, like if we were all caught up in advancing that we lose sight of what is actually important to us in the real and not virtual world.  The link that I have included is from the site that has stories and articles about pretty much everything technology.  It features the newest and latest technological advancements that both I think shows how we as a society are advancing faster and faster but at the same time shows how carried away we can get with this new technology.



This past week in class we discussed our project and about how even though we are split into groups of three or four, our main purpose is a collective effort tied into the whole class to create a bigger project called the Submarine Festival.  As we were explained to about how we are to integrate our projects to other group’s projects it kind of made me think about how the analogy of how our generation has been already born into this so called submarine and we are constantly trying to venture out and see what’s outside of it.  The interesting thing that really made me think after listening to all of the groups’ proposals, was that we are all addressing a specific issue like ocean awareness in Hawaii or tuition hikes at UHM, but the fact that all of these projects are being tied into each other makes it easier to see how we as the generation born already in the submarine need to approach handling the task of venturing out of it in a way that relates to us.  Previously we’ve been told by the older generation on how to approach new technologies and how to handle ourselves, but in order for us to achieve this goal it has to be our generation to make the moves in a way specific to us.  As we collaborated with the numerous groups, I’m fairly excited to see what the final product will look like with all the groups coming together to create this Submarine Festival.  This idea sort of reminded me of a surf project that was done that had collaborated a whole bunch of different surfers into making a whole movie titled Innersection.  Very similar to our project, each surfer was given a specific amount of time and within those parameters, they could film, edit, and basically do whatever they wanted for their section and then it would be integrated with the other surfers in part of the films as a whole.  The link that I have included is a clip about the making of the film in its entirety and after understanding where the editors and surfers are coming from, it’s very similar to our project for the Submarine Festival.